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Watch Live: President-Elect Joe Biden Addresses The Nation I ABC News

will be able to enjoy a crowd in a way that he hasn’t really throughout this entire campaign this is a moment that joe biden has been thinking of working towards for three decades but in many ways the speech that we are going to hear from him tonight will sound very familiar hitting on those same themes that we have heard on the campaign trail and throughout his many decades of service it’s just that tonight he will be delivering it as the president-elect he is going to talk about the need for reconciliation he ran of course as the candidate who can heal this country lead the nation forward out of what he has described as the darkness of the trump administration and tonight that healing that work begins right now and that is why you are going to hear joe biden tonight likely not only talking to his supporters here and to the record-breaking number of people who backed him across this country but also to the more than 70 million voters who supported president trump george you see those supporters in mass because joe biden was all through this campaign modeling the behavior he expected from americans in the grip of this pandemic right now not masking the joy though david muir and that’s what we’re really seeing tonight that has been missing from the campaign trail so much this year pure joy joy and a reminder of what we’ve been through this past year i mean no matter what side you’re on in this political uh campaign and now uh the results of this election clear america has lived through a pandemic this year has lived through a conversation on racial justice long overdue in this country and has lived through the political fighting and you sense that in joe biden’s victory with help fueled by independents some republicans he was able to pull onto his side uh the midwest the south what we’re seeing in the west for joe biden that perhaps perhaps this country is ready to acknowledge that we can have different opinions different political views but we can still respect one another and treat each other with kindness and he’ll share the stage tonight and this is a big deal george as you know he’ll share the stage with a woman who will make history kamala harris is vice president who will speak to the nation tonight as well first time as vice president elect today lindsay davis a day of joy but so many challenges ahead so many challenges ahead but first uh we’ll go with the revelers that we see on the screen here that scrappy kid from scranton who grew up with a bit of a stutter set to become the next president and that’s what set this jubilation really in cities across the country global leaders started sending their congratulations the mayor of paris tweeted welcome back america the mayor of london it’s time to get back to building bridges not walls and yet as you say there’s so much still to sort out moving forward again there’s more than 70 million americans who voted for president trump so how does the country unify the pandemic the economy and control of the senate which still hangs in the balance lindsey davis thanks very much john carler chief white house correspondent there are some things some reminders that the era we are in has not passed president trump uh back on twitter tonight not accepting the results of this election making more false claims uh not at all george you know usually at a moment like this you expect the losing candidate uh to make a phone call to the president-elect uh to uh give a concession speech that would come in advance of of a victory speech there’s been no phone call from the president there’s been no hint of success of conceding this race he is very much disputing it he’s actually on twitter claiming that he not just won in this election but he won by a lot of course he lost the popular vote by more than four million votes and he’s challenging there are legal challenges but he would have to overturn the results george and not one state not two states but three states and yet uh still defiant as ever on twitter no question about that about simpson as we see the celebrations there in wilmington and we saw across many of cities in america today people spontaneously coming to the streets a reminder that even though joe biden is by no means a great an activist politician he was brought into office on a wave of activism beginning on president trump’s inauguration day that’s right and i i want to join lindsay and everybody else and just taking a minute you know like today i was walking the streets of new york and watching people cheer and breathe right like i just and all of my fellow colleagues in the movement we all said today we celebrate tomorrow we get back to work like we were just all in joy and i think part of it is because we know that the president that we had before was so difficult so impossible and at least the one we’ve got we feel like we could have a conversation with we can work with and we all work together to install him we all fought together we used our resources and he will be our president and we’re ready sarah fagin obviously 71 million people at least voted for donald trump many of the his supporters are angry and disappointed maybe many don’t believe the results but you also heard today from your fellow republicans who are ready for change as well yeah you know one of the things i was really struck by was my social media feeds which are filled with former colleagues and peers who work for president george w bush jeb bush mitt romney the late john mccain many of them genuinely celebrating and i look at these exit poll results and joe biden got eight percent of republicans that doesn’t sound like a lot but in a race that is going to be decided probably by about a hundred thousand votes in a few states just think if donald trump could have extended an olive branch many of those passionate supporters of those individuals perhaps that have gotten behind him it could have perhaps made a difference rahm emanuel he’ll have to build on that eight percent now as president yeah i mean one of the things that they’re going to have to challenge uh for the biden administration is do you want this to be a transactional election or transformational in the way that the reagan democrats change the republican party and they’ll be conscious of that because of the dynamics that they’re going to have to deal with and the other challenge that joe biden will have and i read this piece by ball so i think it’s really indicative which is dan balz at the washington post which is he is both a restorative president and a transformational president and those are two different impulses and all of us see different things that we want to see in joe biden and then project that onto them part will be restoration like oh my god we can which is what people are feeling like this weight is away from us and then transformational to a different era because america is different than it was when joe biden first got involved in politics and we’re seeing the motorcade arrive now at the chase center in wilmington delaware just a short drive from the president-elect’s home chris christie you’ve known joe biden for a long time you know donald trump for a long time it doesn’t appear that they’re going to have the kind of traditional transition you would expect between presidents it doesn’t seem like it at this point but we’re going to have to wait and see now as we said the president is going to uh you know follow the legal course that he wants to follow um i think it’s a very tough course given the map but he hasn’t turned over twin four states as i said as a lawyer i look at it and i don’t know how you do it but if he wants to pursue it it’s his right to do that and let him go ahead and do it i don’t think so that they’ll have that traditional the traditional type of transition but maybe if we get to the end of that process the president will see that it would be the right thing to do once he had been acquitted in terms of all his rights have been acquitted to be able to pursue it i do want to say one thing about about joe biden um you know we’re not just like political acquaintances we sat at football games together at our joint alma mater the university of delaware many saturdays our boxes were right near each other where we sat with our friends and he is a really good person and we had a lot of fun together despite whatever political differences we had over the years of opinion we’d sit down at those games and enjoy being there and enjoy each other’s company and and that’s a really good person to have in the position that he’s in now and terry moran in the end that’s what worked for him that is what worked for him because we are about to witness one of the most dramatic shifts in tone out of the presidency that we’ve ever had from a megawatt reality television superstar the number one rated show in television for years to a loquacious but quieter man from from delaware and his his ability really in his life to reach across the aisle and to just be himself as much as as much as he seems to be i think was his calling card for a lot of voters they trust that what they’re getting is what they see and what they see is what they want after the reality star martha raddatz a friend pointed out to me i guess it was fitting that there was a breeders cup race today the winner of the breeders cup authentic yeah and and i think it i i think he is authentic i i’m thinking of what he did on tuesday he went to the gravesite of his son beau and you have to think he taught he thought a lot about beau today certainly his first wife as well and his young daughter who were killed but beau really propelled him to this moment he said that he thought beau biden should be president someday five years of course ago he lost his son beau to brain cancer i think that’s one of the reasons certainly he didn’t run in 2016 because he was still grieving but that grief has brought him to this day that grief has made him in part the man he is today and the empathy he shows to so many people and and the world is looking at this right now george the world which saw america first policies under president trump especially our allies are looking to this moment lindsay pointed out the mayor of london saying it’s time to build bridges again i think our allies are thinking that tonight he’s had many congratulatory emails tweets and and other things to joe biden because they see the world changing under joe biden martha raddatz thanks gio benitez we’re watching the crowd there in wilmington here in the midst of crowd in washington that formed immediately after this announcement was made oh absolutely george right away people were running to this area this has been the biggest dance party in washington dc i’ve got to say and it’s been going on all day long all the way up several several blocks all the way close to the white house in fact we have a camera that’s just above those rooftops there i want to show you what that crowd looks like right now there you see st john’s church this is of course black lives matter plaza and this is where we saw those protests in the summer we remember that tear gas that was used here so for a lot of people who are out here this is very symbolic for them to be doing this here to be celebrating this here on this night george gio benitez thanks rachel scott uh it was the voters of philadelphia who put joe biden over the top it was it was the voters of philadelphia in pennsylvania a place that was the birthplace of our democracy a democracy that quite frankly never created a space for someone like senator kamala harris to assume the position of vice president of the united states so tonight for so many and it’s in pennsylvania a place that has helped define our nation’s history is once again changing the course of it george you know lindsey davis i thought about this today you know we saw that that great eight second video of kamala harris today when she was congratulating joe biden to becoming president united states and because this was such an untraditional campaign even though she had her moment at the convention she really didn’t get the chance to campaign and introduce herself to the country the way most vice presidential candidates would do tonight is the night i think that tonight people are going to meet her uh for the first time i mean outside of the debates i think when and her you know uh reputation as being the the skilled debater from her time as being uh attorney general uh again during her time in the senate when she was asking those questions during some of the hearings so i think that people beyond um that still need to kind of get a sense of who she tried to reintroduce herself as during the convention as mamala right and then the softer side and we kind of got to know her through her sister and her her stepdaughter and her niece as well and so i i’m very interested to hear what she has to say tonight let’s show that video from this afternoon we did it we did it joe you’re gonna be the next president of the united states byron pitch she was speaking to the two of them but that we is bigger than joe biden and kamala harris oh george without question it is i mean when i looking looking at kamala harris and listening to her i can see and i can hear shirley chisholm she was the first black woman to run for president in this country in 1974 and george she once said if they don’t give us a seat at the table bring a folding chair and so i think of all the women of color who brought their own folding chairs over the years to create this moment for kamala harris women like heroic tubman women like stanley lou hamer taylor hamer once said never forget where you came from and always praise the bridges that carried you over and i’d imagine tonight when kamala harris speaks she will speak of some of the bridges who carried her to this moment and she’s looking at these images this is football season right this this looks like friday night in america after your favorite team just won the state championship and how wonderful for her nation in this divided time to have a night like this where people seem joyous at least for an evening mayor bruce you’re right in the middle of it george i can tell you what also strikes me about this crowd and we’ve been walking around a little bit here tonight is the diversity of this crowd and you speak about you know what this moment means for women and for young girls and there are a lot of them here tonight seeing so many young women little girls little black and brown girls wearing their kamala harris joe biden t-shirts waving those american flags and for the first time tonight they will be able to look up at that stage and see someone who looks like them what a powerful moment for for everyone in this country regardless of politics and it is just so striking in the midst of this pandemic you know as someone who has covered every twist and turn of this campaign it is a little surreal to be at what feels very much like a campaign rally just because we haven’t seen this joe biden has been extremely cautious throughout this entire campaign to only hold relatively small socially distanced events they are trying their best to make sure this is socially distant you can see though the crowd there is starting to fill in a little bit everyone though in those masks following the guidelines as much as they can it is just a moment it is a moment for kamala harris and for joe biden to be able to look out and see a throng of supporters in a way that they really haven’t been able to see throughout this entire campaign george this is a moment too for historically black colleges and universities kamala harris the graduate of howard university faith a booby is there yeah it’s quiet here right now but the sense of pride on this campus this hbcus historically black college right now is indescribable this is a university that was established in a time where black people did not have access to education in the civil rights era in the jim crow era and now you have an alumni from this university heading to the second highest office in the land the group was here earlier on campus they were gathered here her sorority sisters they’ve helped her campaign along this entire time they’ve donated to her campaign organized efforts to get people to the to the polling places and right now at this university they released a statement saying that a new dawn has broken on campus and that kamala harris has swung the howard hammer and shattered that glass ceiling that is now in pieces and can never be put back together there are a lot of young black kids here young black men and women on this campus who are proud of what she has achieved we talked to several of them this evening and they are proud to watch her walk into the white house not as a slave not as a servant but in the second highest office in this nation faith that booby thanks very much honoring pierre thomas as well pierre you cover the justice department chief justice correspondent there was so much concern among homeland security and the fbi in the days leading to this campaign about violence in the streets at least for tonight at least right now that’s not what we’re seeing washington is full of joy tonight i saw so many honking horns as i came in george it was quite remarkable seeing people having joy in the streets even in the black lives matter plaza where there was so much tension and unrest this summer and as you look at the joy we also know that biden and harris will face enormous challenges in the days ahead african-americans will be wanting some accountability right now in this country we’ve seen that african-americans in some jurisdictions are five to ten times more likely to be arrested often pulled over at a rate double their white counterparts so as the joy recedes tonight there’s a lot of work ahead george yvette simpson this was a difficult issue for joe biden to straddle in the campaign he grew up in a different time and his record on criminal justice issues was also it was often a cause of concern right and he didn’t quite get that right into the end i remember he was doing a town hall with you and it was for the first time he ever acknowledged that maybe his action in 1994 with the crime bill wasn’t the best thing and that maybe he should have done it differently and so i hope he gets it right i think he will i think with kamala harris with him i think they’re going to get it right and i was actually reflecting with terry earlier the fact that the obama administration brought folks from ferguson into the white house and started to build actually the beginnings of this work and so my hope is that he will pick that up bring now now unfortunately we have more names to say we have more activists we have more more parents uh because there’s been so many murders uh since uh ferguson that we can also bring to the table uh and one of the hopeful points that i have about joe biden and kamala harris is i hope they take this early time to bring real people in to bring them around the table with problem solvers and actually let them be a part of the solution that’s one example i think from the obama biden administration where they got that right david muir he’s signaled the number one problem he has to solve the pandemic absolutely and he’s been very consistent on that even in recent days in filling the vacuum as america waited for results to the election he often when he came out to speak would talk about the pandemic first and not the momentum that his campaign was feeling inside that he was going to be the president-elect they talked about how they met with the coronavirus task force when i sat down with both of them both joe biden and senator harris they both talked about the pandemic senator harris said we’ve got to make sure when there is a safe vaccine that it’s not the people who would get it most easily that should get it first it should be the front line workers and and families and communities that wouldn’t have access necessarily and you know i have to point out that joe biden picked kamala harris not only for the diversity and the history making that will come with that choice but he chose kamala harris because he knew she could take the incoming fire that comes by by being a first by making history on this stage today her her background as a prosecutor she is tough and he knows that she’s up to the job no question about that rahm emanuel he’s going to have to get to work on this pandemic even before he’s president first order of business as soon as next week yeah well he also is going to be he just named a task force or it’s a some of the names are out i mean it’s a first of all you’ve got to think that getting the pandemic both the public health side the vaccine etc organize is the first domino of a series of things you can’t get to the economy you can’t get to other pieces until you get your hands around a problem that’s now totally raging out of control and they’re going to be doing this and it’s kind of a very kind of succinct manner of going at each one of these things but the first and foremost and i’m remembered of this story when i worked with doing the transition president bush helped us by just kicking the auto industry crisis out seven to eight weeks allowed us to get the stimulus in place the task force in place so we could have a plan in place but the first domino of any piece and it’s dependent on this is getting basically your arms around which is today it’s at 120 000 new cases a day or now used to be 40 000 35 000 it is now tripled in just a month and getting your hand around that and putting this back in the bag allows the economy to start to take its own healing area and then putting a floor on that and then a growth strategy behind that it’s going to require him chris christie calling in your former your former colleagues governors across the country republicans and democrats yeah and i think the republicans will and democratic governors will all be anxious to to work and make sure that what they do is get the help they need for their states um and some strong direction that’s what the the governors want they will they’ve been handling this i think in the main these governors have been handling this pretty well and you can see around the country that the approval ratings of governors regardless of party in states you have larry hogan above 70 percent in maryland you have andrew cuomo in the same range in new york so this is not a partisan issue there’s an opportunity here it’s the opportunity that donald trump missed in a divided america we have to find what we have in common and work on it together and obviously we’ve got this pandemic income and and biden speaks the language of teamwork very naturally it’s it’s really who he is and he talks about the reason we wear masks is for each other take care of each other he has a natural appeal to putting or putting our shoulders to the wheel against a common problem that’s why it was another opportunity to divide for donald trump it’s an opportunity for joe biden to do the first thing he’s got to do which is find what we have in common and work on it and in some ways low-hanging fruit and you’ve got a majority of americans who say yeah we want to wear masks yeah there could be some regional differences but a majority of americans say yeah it kind of makes sense i don’t always like doing it but it makes a lot of sense in this state the one place consistently republicans found some difference with the president president trump was on the virus so that when you say it’s low-hanging fruit it is low-hanging fruit both in the sense simple things you can do but also a place where they’re going to work with the new incoming a president and sarah feigl chris christie was talking about the government you think that that there can be a critical mass of republicans in washington who are ready to sign on to at least some of the biden agenda on the pandemic well yes certainly stimulus i mean we’ve been there on a stimulus package for a long time now the parties obviously disagree about how much money should be provided in the stimulus but even if joe biden accepted what republicans want it’s two trillion dollars it’s a lot of money that can do a lot of things for people and they will have to meet in the middle i think republicans like democrats are exhausted and and nobody goes to washington and wants to fight they want to do things they want to they want to have ceremonies back in their districts talking about you know good things they’ve done and you know there’s certainly been some of that in the last uh four years uh but there’s just a lot of there’s just a lot of conflict and i think republicans will be happy to have joe biden to work with assuming joe biden recognizes that there are many there is many people tonight who are just as disappointed as there are people jubilant in the streets those who say this is one of those deals you can say the global number is x but we’re going to spend it in a different way and that’s how you just basically meet you halfway which is the republicans say we’re going to okay with 2 trillion let’s say that’s the stimulus number they say but biden’s going to say but this is how i want to divide it i want more state and local they’re going to say okay that’s how you basically cut a deal on this and one of the things that i think were republicans to to build off what a vet was saying earlier where he can find common ground is on further criminal justice reform yeah you know a lot of republicans supported criminal justice reform that that president trump passed and a lot of democrats did and i think there’s an acknowledgement in both parties that we need to look at our criminal justice system and make it more effective and make it fairer and and you saw that in the criminal justice forum that was passed in the last couple of years and i think it’s another area where um you know republicans and democrats can come together because they already have and they’ve seen some of the positive results from that i think martha raddatz if that happens in washington perhaps a lot of it behind the scenes all the exhaustion americans have felt over the last few years will will go away because they don’t have to pay attention to everything that’s going on every single minute of the day in washington that’s right and it is exhausting it’s exhausting for the country it’s certainly exhausting for us you know tonight george i i actually walked down to the white house as well to sort of see what that was like down there but it prompted me to call some people in texas in a very trump town uh honey grove texas and and talked to carl wilde there who was a former trump supporter and he said it’s just very quiet there people are accepting it they’re not really listening to what donald trump is saying and not saying uh in other words conceding uh but he’s he said you know this is democracy at work it is democracy at work and that’s what we’re seeing and hopefully the next few years is exhausting here she comes vice president kamala harris [Applause] we can imagine that electric smile behind the mask she’s gonna save her this moment [Music] [Music] [Applause] the horns are going off a big exhale good evening good evening good evening good evening thank you thank you good evening so thank you good evening so congressman john lewis congressman john lewis before his passing wrote democracy is not a state it is an act and what he meant was that america’s democracy is not guaranteed it is only as strong as our willingness to fight for it to guard it and never take it for granted and protecting our democracy takes struggle it takes sacrifice but there is joy in it and there is progress because we the people have the power to build a better future [Music] and when our very democracy was on the ballot in this election with the very soul of america at stake and the world watching you ushered in a new day for america to our campaign staff and volunteers this extraordinary team thank you for bringing more people than ever before into the democratic process [Music] and for making this victory possible to the poll workers and election officials across our country who have worked tirelessly to make sure every vote is counted our nation owes you a debt of gratitude [Applause] you have protected the integrity of our democracy and to the american people who make up our beautiful country thank you for turning out in record numbers to make your voices heard and i know times have been challenging especially the last several months the grief sorrow and pain the worries and the struggles but we have also witnessed your courage your resilience and the generosity of your spirit for four years you marched and organized for equality and justice for our lives and for our planet and then you voted and you delivered a clear message you chose hope and unity decency science and yes truth you chose joe biden as the next president of the united states of america [Applause] and joe is a healer a uniter a tested and steady hand a person whose own experience of loss gives him a sense of purpose that will help us as a nation reclaim our own sense of purpose and a man with a big heart who loves with abandon it’s his love for jill who will be an incredible first lady it’s his love for hunter and ashley and his grandchildren and the entire biden family and while i first knew joe as vice president i really got to know him as the father who loved beau my dear friend who we remember here today and to my husband doug and our children cole and ella and my sister maya and our whole family i love you all more than i can ever express [Applause] we are so grateful to joe and jill for welcoming our family into theirs on this incredible journey and to the woman most responsible for my presence here today my mother shyamala gopalan harris who is always in our hearts uh when she came here from india at the age of 19 she maybe um didn’t quite imagine this moment but she believed so deeply and in america where a moment like this is possible and so i am thinking about her and about the generations of women black women asian white latina native american women who throughout our nation’s history have paved the way for this moment tonight women who fought and sacrificed so much for equality and liberty and justice for all including the black women who are often too often overlooked but so often prove they are the backbone of our democracy all the women who have worked to secure and protect the right to vote for over a century 100 years ago with the 19th amendment 55 years ago with the voting rights act and now in 2020 with a new generation of women in our country who cast their ballots and continued the fight for their fundamental right to vote and be heard tonight i reflect on their struggle their determination and the strength of their vision to see what can be unburdened by what has been and i stand on their shoulders and what a testament it is to joe’s character that he had the audacity to break one of the most substantial barriers that exists in our country and select a woman as his vice president [Applause] but while i may be the first woman in this office i will not be the last because every little girl watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities and to the children of our country regardless of your gender our country has sent you a clear message dream with ambition lead with conviction and see yourselves in a way that others may not simply because they’ve never seen it before but know that we will applaud you every step of the way and to the american people no matter who you voted for i will strive to be a vice president like joe was to president obama loyal honest and prepared waking up every day thinking of you and your family because now is when the real work begins the hard work the necessary work the good work the essential work to save lives and beat this epidemic to rebuild our economy so it works for working people to root out systemic racism in our justice system and society to combat the climate crisis to unite our country and heal the soul of our nation and the road ahead will not be easy but america is ready and so are joe and i we have elected a president who represents the best in us a leader the world will respect and our children will look up to a commander-in-chief who will respect our troops and keep our country safe and a president for all americans and it is now my great honor to introduce the president-elect of the united states of america joe biden and there he is bounding out of the stage just a few weeks short of 78 years old determined not to show it right now feeling this moment joseph robinette biden jr who will be the 46th president united states fist bump for these times joe biden kamala harris first brought together by joe biden’s late sun beau who’s attorney general delaware kamala harris served as attorney general of california they work together had a warm relationship tested during the campaign and she went on the attack during the first debate but they overcame that and tonight she celebrates being the first woman vice president elect of the united states hello my fellow americans and the people who brought me the dance delawareans i see my buddy tom senator tom carper down there and i think i think senator coons is there and i think the governor’s around is that ruth anne and that former governor ruth ann minor most importantly my sisters-in-law my sister valerie anyway folks the people of this nation have spoken they’ve delivered us a clear victory a convincing victory a victory for we the people we’ve won with the most votes ever cast from presidential ticket in the history of the nation 74 million well i must admit is surprised me tonight we’re seeing all over this nation all cities and all parts of the country indeed across the world an outpouring of joy of hope renewed faith and tomorrow bring a better day and i’m humbled by the trust and confidence you’ve placed in me i pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide but unify who doesn’t see red states of blue states only sees the united states and work with all my heart with the confidence of the whole people to win the confidence of all of you and for that is what america i believe is about it’s about people and that’s what our administration will be all about i sought this office to restore the soul of america to rebuild the backbone of this nation the middle class and to make america respected around the world again and to unite us here at home it’s the honor of my lifetime that so many millions of americans have voted for that vision and now the work of making that vision is real it’s a task the task of our time folks as i said many times before i’m jill’s husband and i would not be here without her love and tireless support of jill and my son hunter and ashley my daughter and all our grandchildren and their spouses and all our family they’re my heart joe’s a mom a military mom an educator and she has dedicated her life to education but teaching isn’t just what she does it’s who she is for american educators this is a great day for you all you’re gonna have one of your own in the white house and jill’s going to make a great first lady i’m so proud of her well i’ll have the honor of serving with the fantastic vice president who you just heard from kamala harris who makes history as the first woman first black woman the first woman from south asian descent the first daughter of an immigrant ever elected in this country don’t tell me it’s not possible in the united states it’s long overdue and we’re reminded tonight of those who fought so hard for so many years to make this happen but once again america has bent the ark of the moral universe more toward justice kamala like it or not your family you become an honorary bite and there’s no way out to all those of you volunteered and worked the polls in the middle of pandemic local elected officials you deserve a special thanks from the entire nation [Applause] and to my campaign team and all the volunteers and all who gave so much of themselves to make this moment possible i owe you i owe you i owe you everything and all those who supported us i’m proud of the campaign we built ran i’m proud of the coalition we put together the broadest and most diverse coalition in history democrats republicans independents progressives moderates conservatives young old urban suburban rural gay straight transgender white latino asian native american i made it especially those moments and especially for those moments where this campaign was at its lowest them the african-american community stood up again for a minute you’ve always hit my back and i’ll have yours i said at the outset i wanted to represent this campaign to represent and look like america we’ve done that now that’s what the administration will look like and act like for all those of you who voted for president trump i understand the disappointment tonight i’ve lost a couple times myself but now let’s give each other a chance it’s time to put away the harsh rhetoric lower the temperature see each other again listen to each other again and to make progress we have to stop treating our opponents as our enemies they are not our enemies they are americans they are americans the bible tells us to everything there is a season a time to build a time to reap and a time to sow and a time to heal this is the time to heal in america [Applause] now this campaign is over what is the will of the people what is our mandate i believe it’s this americans have called upon us to marshal the forces of decency the forces of fairness to marshall the forces of science and the forces of hope and the great battles of our time the battle of control the virus the battle to build prosperity the battle to secure your family’s health care the battle to achieve racial justice and root out systemic racism in this country and the battle to save our planet by getting climate under control the battle restore decency defend democracy and give everybody in this country a fair shot that’s all they’re asking for a fair shot folks our work begins with getting coveted under control we cannot repair the economy restore our vitality or relish life’s most precious moments hugging our grandchildren our children our birthdays weddings graduations all the moments that matter most to us until we get it under control on monday i will name a group of leading scientists and experts as transition advisors to help take the biden harris code plan and convert it into an action blueprint that will start on january the 20th 2021 that plan will be built on bedrock science it will be constructed out of compassion empathy and concern i will spare no effort none or any commitment to turn around this pandemic folks i’m a proud democrat but i will govern as an american president i’ll work as hard for those who didn’t vote for me as those who did let this grim here of demonization in america begin to end here and now [Applause] refusal of democrats and republicans to cooperate with one another it’s not some mysterious force beyond our control it’s a decision a choice we make and if we can decide not to cooperate then we can decide to cooperate and i believe that this is part of the mandate given to us from the american people they want us to cooperate in their interest and that’s the choice i’ll make and i’ll call on congress democrats republicans alike to make that choice with me the american story is about slow yet steadily widening the opportunities in america and make no mistake too many dreams have been deferred for too long we must make the promise of the country real for everybody no matter their race their ethnicity their faith their identity or their disability folks america has always been shaped by inflection points by moments in time we’ve made hard decisions about who we are and what we want to be lincoln in 1860 coming to save the union fdr in 1932 promising a beleaguered country a new deal jfk in 1960 pledging a new frontier and 12 years ago when barack obama made history he told us yes we can well folks we stand at an inflection point we have an opportunity to defeat despair to build a nation of prosperity and purpose we can do it i know we can i’ve long talked about the battle for the soul of america we must restore the soul of america our nation is shaped by the constant battle between our better angels and our darkest impulses and what presidents say in this battle matters it’s time for our better angels to prevail tonight the whole world is watching america and i believe at our best america is a beacon for the globe we will not leave we will lead not only by the example of our power but by the power of our example eyes although i’ve always believed many of you heard me say it i’ve always believed we can define america in one word possibilities that in america everyone should be given an opportunity to go as far as their dreams and god giving ability will take them you see i believe in the possibilities of this country we’re always looking ahead ahead to an america that’s freer and more just head to an america that creates jobs with dignity and respect ahead of america that cures diseases like cancers and alzheimer’s ahead to an america that never leaves anyone behind a head of america that never gives up never gives in this is a great nation it’s always been a bad bet to bet against america we’re good people this is the united states of america and there’s never been anything never been anything we’ve been able not able to do when we’ve done it together folks in the last days of the campaign i began thinking about a hymn that means a lot to me and my family particularly my deceased son beau it captures the faith that sustains me and which i believe sustains america and i hope and i hope it can provide some comfort and solace the 230 million thousand americans who’ve lost a loved one to this terrible virus this year my heart goes out to each and every one of you hopefully him gives you solace as well it goes like this and he will raise you up on eagle’s wings bear you on the breath of dawn and make you to sign like the sun and hold you in the palm of his hand and now together on eagle’s wings we embark on the work that god and history have called upon us to do with full hearts and steady hands with faith in america and each other with love of country a thirst for justice let us be the nation that we know we can be a nation united a nation strengthened a nation healed the united states of america and ladies and gentlemen there’s never never been anything we’ve tried we’ve not been able to do so remember as my grandpop our grandpappy sam and i walked out of his home when i was a kid up in scranton he said joey keep the faith and our grandmother when she was alive she yelled no joey spread it spread the faith god love you all may god bless america and may god protect our church thank you thank you thank you president-elect joe biden [Applause] talk about a man fortified by victory the most forceful he’s been throughout this campaign after receiving the most votes ever of any american presidential candidate ever at the age of 77.

Boiled down his message to three words he did it time to heal that was his message to a nation in the grip of a pandemic joe biden dr joe biden now joining him out on the stage that was his message to the millions of americans out of work that was his message in a time of racial tension at a time when raw politics is seeping into too many corners of our lives he says it’s time to heal he promised first and foremost to be a president who will not divide but will unify talking now pirate love [Music] he still saw some of the old school politicians and he couldn’t help himself he walked out onto the stage and called out the two senators from delaware that’s a man who’s been running for office since the age of 27 as the rest of his family comes out to celebrate as well the sun hunter the target of so many gets a hug from his dad joe biden never wavered in that love no matter what was thrown at his son kamala harris’s family is out there as well mary bruce you were out there the whole campaign we saw a man energized tonight it was a joe biden like i really have never seen during this campaign and george when you take a step back this has been such a hard fought year and a half a campaign completely upended by a pandemic it is likely going to be a very hot hard-fought transition and a long road ahead but tonight was a moment for so many here that sense of a collective exhale and a moment really to relish in the possibility that’s what seemed reflected so much in the remarks here tonight that sense of hope that the country can maybe come together that the country can heal going forward and that they can perhaps accomplish all of these big things that they are setting out to do look they know that this is going to be very difficult but tonight is a moment to pause to take it all in as you see them doing now on this stage and to think about the possibility and the opportunity ahead david murray said the first job getting this pandemic under control yes he’s been very consistent on that he said this is a time to heal america as you pointed out george he said marshall of force is a decency of hope and we must control the virus that was first on his list that he presented to the american people tonight and what an extraordinary moment tonight for joe biden george he turned 78 years old in just a couple of weeks this is a man who has dreamed of this moment from within 30 years he ran for president three times but perhaps this is the time for the man to meet the moment he knows what he’s walking into he said for those of you who voted for donald trump let’s give each other a chance let’s lower the temperature let’s see each other listen to each other and he said let’s end this era of demonization in america it ends now and he will call on democrats and republicans to cooperate in george this was something he told both of us in this campaign leading up to this moment that’s what he intends to do lindsey davis kamala harris responded in the white of the suffrage movement celebrated so many firsts daughter of an immigrant first woman first black vice president and when you talk about the first you know they’re actually t-shirts that the biden campaign sold prior to this that said first but not last that was something that she shared tonight saying while i may be the first woman in this office i will not be the last she has said in the past that her mother raising what she called two black daughters even though my mother was from india that she had told them you may be the first to do many things but make sure you’re not the last you know quite often in politics it can be perceived as the more things change the more they stay the same but for at least tonight it felt that there was a spirit of inspiration diversity certainly as we look at the group that’s assembled on the stage there representation and again kamal as you said in her suffragette white but with her brown skin which again i can’t emphasize enough is so important for young girls particularly of color to be able to see someone who looks like them in a role that they may aspire for both the president-elect and vice president-elect talked about opportunity both talked about black voters coming through and standing up for them and both talked about healing and the word possibilities from both of them as well john carl joe biden is a man shaped by loss and recovery from loss that’s where his empathy is rooted in and it was that loss that he cited when he reached out to the trump supporters he sure did george and there is a line in this speech that i think will reverberate he said to make progress we have to stop treating our opponents as enemies they are not enemies they are americans that is a dramatic change in tone from where we have been first day possibly of a new era you see it right there biden fireworks above wilmington delaware we just heard his first speech as president-elect the first speech from the vice president like kamala harris that is all for us tonight we’re gonna have much more in the days ahead we hope you have a good night as well [Music] [Applause] you

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    i am very happy to provide those replace within university neighbourhood when it comes to staffing within the office on the Provost:

    Rowan Larkin started conduct on sept 4 as the office inside Provost associate. his or needs provide important the Phi Kappa Phi also Oracle dignity organisations, the nation’s conference on undergrad research (NCUR), these scholastic contest and consequently tiny brings, any ROTC software program, Title IX together with bodily projects. chinese women vs japanese women Rowan is a newly released Ithaca university and college graduate student (Summa cum laude, could very well 2019) by a bachelor’s ture of martial arts in Sociology and a in wok cookware time at college business women and gender.

    that have put together opinions, I wished to allow university general public are aware that Sayre Wilson, individual capital suppliers physician, might giving Ithaca to be carry on a professional certification at Binghamcollege or universityn. your spouse finalized day is without question Friday, september 2, 2019.

    the fact that both wonderful alumna (quality together with 2010) And a fervent staff members granted sept 2015, Sayre does offer given back to the city in several ways. Whetyour lover supporting family members in worry properly thirstily volunteering plus points staying a business presenter at only individual general publictendee tournaments, Sayre have not hesitated to improve to the plate as needed. i most certainly will pass-up the girls appreciation, resourcefulness, ability that can help, lots advantages!

    don’t hesitate to drop by college financial providers to chat with you extremely good bye and also tore request correctly her off this point next associated her life. heading to skip the customer, Sayre, merely know that you will still be a wonderful ambassador to achieve Ithaca!

    It is combined feelings that i share of cats up-to-date news information through the reduction of Jessica LeMore, administrative associate on the inside scholastic guidance focal point. Jessica most likely putting up a totally new stance via Binghamton university or college, which also make her having summer season without and so spend more time with her impressive relations.

    Jessica could be to be found at Ithaca advanced schooling for nearly seven various. your mom was crowned the admin asst on the AAC after our individual garage doors launched in July, 2013. She strengthens the sizzling, receptive weather for anyone who else type in the AAC, And is extremely renowned by – this lady mates. we have been completely happy when it comes to Jessica, but then now downcast doing go on it.

    upon 30 and then years and services information to Ithaca fe college, Lorie Holmes VanDusen shall be heading off always on June 14, 2019. inside the your girl stint, Lorie become the good Ithaca higher alumnus getting move on from the varsity at firm.

    Lorie set up a pivotal job in corroborating APC and unquestionably the Ithaca college or university way fashion magazines, using college on top of that company about university. Lorie supports made it simpler for countless applicants and as well alumni achieve very own helpful opportunity your goals.

    this process is the little taste of reflections originally from Lorie co-workers about results Lorie has received the office Office with the domain registrar simply because they more popularly continue to keep thes site and need adequately :.

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