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The Outer Worlds Switch Update Improves The Games Graphics

When The Outer Worlds was released on Nintendo Switch on June 5, many critics at the time noted that a number of technical sacrifices were made to ensure Obsidian’s RPG would run on the console. Developer Virtuos was in charge of that port and the end result was a game that featured muddy textures and a sub-par frame rate.

This version of The Outer Worlds hasn’t been left to fend for itself though, as the game’s official Twitter account has confirmed that a new patch will be released this week ahead of an upcoming sale on the Nintendo Switch on October 22.

While details are slim as to what changes players can expect to see exactly, two new screenshot comparisons for the patched version of the game revealed more detailed skies, extra trees, additional objects that weren’t present in the previous version, and more complex buildings will be added to the various planets that can be explored in the Halcyon colony.

The Outer Worlds will launch on Steam this week after spending a year as a timed PC exclusive on the Epic Games Store. It’ll also be backwards compatible with Xbox Series X and Series S, and while it’ll still be locked to 30 FPS (barring the release of a new update) its loading times have been significantly improved on Microsoft’s new consoles.

In our The Outer Worlds review, we scored the game a 9/10 and it even went on to earn an award as one of the best games of 2019.

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