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Tempest 2000 Dev Jeff Minters Next Game, Moose Life, Is Out Soon With VR Support

Jeff Minter has been delivering strange, unique games since the early 80s, and that trend is going to continue on August 12 with the release of Moose Life. The game, which now has a Steam page with a release date (as picked up on by Eurogamer), is an arcade shooter with VR support.

The game continues on with the style of gameplay Minter pioneered with 1994’s Tempest 2000, meaning that it’s another tube-style shooter made to feel like older Vectrex arcade games.

“Moose Life is the latest step on our journey into euphoric trance,” the Steam page reads. “Created in the style of an 80s arcade game, but in fully immersive 3D/VR. You’ll feel like you are inside the mind of Eugene Jarvis himself.”

Eugene Jarvis is a developer who worked on various arcade games, including Defender and Robotron 2084. He was recently involved with Nex Machina.

You can check out a video of Moose Life from Minter himself, below. The video, posted in January, shows the first 21 levels played in VR.

A PS4 release for Moose Life is also planned, although it’s not clear if that version will release in August too.

Minter’s most acclaimed game in recent memory was Polybius, a similarly trippy shooter experience.


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