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PUBG 6.2 Update Comes to Console, Adds Cross-Platform Parties, Team Deathmatch

The latest free update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has come to consoles. The 6.2 patch first came to PC in late February, adding an 8-on-8 team deathmatch mode to the game, as well as fixing a bundle of bugs.

On console, in addition to the above, the update adds a much-requested feature in the form of cross-party play. This will allow players on PS4 and Xbox One to form parties regardless of what console they’re playing on. Though PUBG has had cross-play for a while now, this will allow Sony and Microsoft devotees to come together under the cause of getting an elusive chicken dinner.

As part of the patch, there will be a second playtest for PUBG’s skill-based rating system from March 10 to April 1. It also makes major changes to the way grenades behave, as well as tweaking the distribution of loot.

PUBG is available on Xbox One through Xbox Game Pass, which costs $10 a month. On PS4, the game costs $30.

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