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Pokemon Go Appears To Be Adding Shadow Pokemon Eggs

Pokemon Go is introducing a new type of egg soon. The game’s official Twitter account shared a short teaser clip showing off a clutch of eggs specked with red polka dots. “We’ve heard reports from Spark that he’s stumbled upon an odd, distinctly red egg. Stay tuned as we learn more,” the tweet reads.

What’s notable about the clip is that the eggs are shrouded in the same purple aura that veils Team Go Rocket’s Shadow Pokemon, suggesting that Shadow Pokemon will hatch from them. Niantic itself seems to have inadvertently confirmed this; a deleted version of the tweet revealed that the clip was named “RocketEggs,” all but confirming that the new red eggs will hatch into Shadow Pokemon.

It’s not yet clear when the new eggs will go live in Pokemon Go or how far players will need to walk to hatch them; however, Niantic recently rolled back one of the temporary bonuses that made eggs easier to hatch amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Although egg hatching distance has been reverted to normal, the studio is now offering more incubators in boxes you can get from Pokemon Go’s in-game shop.

In the meantime, there’s a lot happening in Pokemon Go this month. Origin Forme Giratina has returned to five-star Raids until October 23, while October’s Community Day takes place this Saturday, October 17. The featured Pokemon this time is Charmander. The Gen 1 starter will appear more frequently in the wild throughout the event, and any that you evolve into Charizard will learn the Dragon-type Fast attack Dragon Breath.

Niantic still has a few other October events lined up for the game beyond that, including Pokemon Go’s annual Halloween celebration. No details have been announced just yet, but Niantic has previously teased that Mega Gengar may make its debut in the game during the event. October’s Field Research tasks are also available to complete.

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