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Overwatch Free Trial On Nintendo Switch Starts Next Week

A free trial of Overwatch will go live on Tuesday, October 13 for Nintendo Switch, Nintendo announced. To participate, players will need an active Nintendo Switch Online membership.

The free trial period will open up all of Overwatch’s game modes and heroes to active NSO subscribers, giving players the chance to experience the full version of Overwatch without having the buy the game. It will run from October 13-20, and players can download the free trial right now from the eShop.

Overwatch will take up a minimum of 12 GB of storage space on the Nintendo Switch. For players who participate in the free trial but don’t own the game, any progress made will carry over should they buy the Legendary Edition of Overwatch. Players will just need to ensure they are playing on the same NSO account. Overwatch: Legendary Edition costs $40 and contains five Legendary hero skins, five Epic hero skins, and five Origin hero skins, as well as a three-month NSO membership redemption code.

In other Overwatch news, Blizzard Entertainment is still working on Overwatch 2. The last time the company talked about the sequel was when the 32nd hero Echo launched earlier this year. The company said Echo was the last character until Overwatch 2 drops, though a release date for the sequel remains unknown. BlizzCon returns in February 2021, so it’s likely Blizzard will discuss Overwatch 2 then. In either case, Overwatch 2 multiplayer content will carry over to Overwatch.

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