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New World Of Warcraft Chairs From Secretlab Let You Choose Alliance Vs. Horde Again

Ahead of the release of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, gaming chair manufacturer Secretlab is giving you the chance to reaffirm your allegiance with two new World of Warcraft chairs: one for the Alliance and the other for the Horde.

The Secretlab chairs, which are rebrands of their popular 2020 range, come adorned in the regalia of the faction you choose. The Alliance version is dressed in a dark blue PU leather, with gold accents and trimmings to suit the opulent stylings of the Alliance’s stronghold, Stormwind City.

The Horde version replaces the splendor with a more aggressive style. Its red PU leather coating features pitch black trimmings that help give the chair a nice contrast, bringing out the Horde emblem on the back too. The stitched barded spikes near the trimmings are a neat touch, too.

Both chairs are designed with all-day ergonomics in mind, with 4D armrest adjustments and tilt tension modifications for your back. You can also select either with the Omega or Titan variants of Secretlab’s chairs, depending on your frame and weight. The Omega series starts at $449, while the larger Titan series starts at $489.

Secret Lab expects both chairs to ship before Shadowlands launches later this year, with preorders open now for those interested.

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