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Indivisible Will Get No More Content Or Updates Following Lab Zero Controversy

Now that Lab Zero Games has essentially dissolved following controversy with game director Mike Zaimont, publisher 505 Games has confirmed that production has ended for Indivisible.

At present, there is an update in submission for the Nintendo Switch that will add more challenges, a New Game+ mode, and couch co-op, bringing Indivisible on Nintendo Switch to the same developmental level as the other platforms. After this, 505 Games has no plans to introduce more content or updates for the game. This patch starts rolling out on October 13.

“At this stage, apart from content that is already in submission, there will unfortunately be no more production on [Indivisible],” 505 Games said in a development update post. “We understand that longtime players have been waiting for guest characters as well as some backer-created characters. Regretfully, this additional content will not be added to the game.”

505 Games explained why backer-created and guest characters won’t be added to Indivisible in the update post, saying the “IP holder for at least one of the guest characters has backed out” of the partnership following the dissolution of Lab Zero. 505 expects more will follow suit.

Physical editions of Indivisible for Nintendo Switch are still expected to arrive this November in limited supply at select retailers, and 505 said it will provide updates closer to the release.

Furthermore, the physical IndieGoGo backer reward left to fulfill, the Ajna/Heruka statue, is still coming. 505 is taking over production and will share information about the reward soon.

Though Lab Zero Games may have dissolved, employees of the studio are still in game development. A team of former devs established a worker-owned studio called Future Club with the aim of creating memorable games using handcrafted 2D animation and responsive gameplay.

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