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How UK fans can watch the first ever Premier League stream on Twitch

The first ever Premier league football match to stream on Twitch will air tonight, with Crystal Palace versus Burnley at 7:30pm BST. The game — which will be streamed on Twitch by Amazon UK — marks a significant evolution for the platform, which until now has been primarily designed for video games and esports. We’ve seen football on Twitch before, but not in a competition the size of the Premier league.

The move also demonstrates a concerted effort by Amazon to get its football coverage in front of a wider audience. The company is already streaming some Premier League matches (including Crystal Palace versus Burnley) for free on Prime, presumably in a bid position itself as a legitimate destination for sports — airing games on Twitch gives would-be Prime subscribers more flexibility. At this stage, however, Amazon’s games will only be streaming on Twitch for UK users, although if it proves successful we could see a similar model roll out to sports in the US, too. Follow the PrimeVideo channel on Twitch to watch along.


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