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How To Flip PS5 Between Vertical And Horizontal Orientation

Like the previous three generations of Sony consoles before it, the PlayStation 5 will be capable of being placed in either a horizontal or a vertical position. Unlike those consoles, you’ll need to do a little bit more work to swap the PS5 between the two positions, although doing so doesn’t require you to buy a stand.

Here’s a breakdown of how you’ll be able to easily place the PS5 in an orientation that suits your personal taste and size requirements.

How to flip the PS5 console from vertical to horizontal

Remove the screw

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Once you’ve disconnected the HDMI and power cables from the console, you’re ready to begin. In its default vertical position, the PS5 base is held on by a single screw. You’ll need a flathead screwdriver to unscrew the base, or if you aren’t near your garage, you can always make do with a dime or a penny to get the job done.

Store the screw in the base

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Once you’ve removed the base and the screw holding it in place, you can store the little bolt inside of the stand itself. A small compartment can be found underneath the stand, and the screw can be pushed into a special slot that will keep it securely in place.

Use the provided cap to plug the screw hole

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The compartment also contains a small black cap that can be removed and used to plug the gap that the screw left behind in the base of the PS5. It’s another easy fit, that will cover up any unnecessary gaps in the PS5.

Rotate the stand

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While the screw won’t rattle around the stand when it’s locked into place, you can go a step further and rotate the stand, revealing a hidden door that covers up that compartment.

Insert the stand in line with the console marks

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Align the two clips of the stand onto the PS5 as shown in the image above. Another easy fit, you’ll know that you’ve attached it properly when the stand clicks into place and feels firm.

Place the PS5 console on its side

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Flip the PS5 console onto its side, reconnect all the cables and switch your television on. You’re ready to play a few next-gen games now that the console is positioned in a sturdy and horizontal format.

Sony recently shared a more detailed teardown on the PS5 console that was conducted by Yasuhiro Ootori, vice president of the mechanical design department in the hardware design division. The PlayStation 5 rolls out internationally on November 12, and you can check out our complete launch guide on Sony’s next-gen system.


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