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Grounded Reaches 1 Million Players In 48 Hours

Grounded, the newest game from Fallout: New Vegas and The Outer Worlds developer Obsidian, is off to a very strong start, it seems. Obsidian has announced that the game reached more than 1 million players over its first two days across Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access.

Obsidian shared the figure in a post on Xbox Wire, where it also confirmed that it will deliver new content for Grounded every month. The first monthly update will arrive on August 27, but the studio hasn’t said what it will contain.

As a first-party exclusive from Microsoft, Grounded is included with Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One and PC. Alternatively, it can be purchased outright for $30 USD.

Unlike The Outer Worlds, Grounded was developed by a very small team inside Obsidian. According to the blog post, only 13 people worked on Grounded. In the game you play as a very small human in the backyard of a home filled with insects and spiders.

Grounded scored a 6/10 in GameSpot’s early access review.

“It is pure, unadulterated potential energy, and all we can do is sit back and wait to see if that rubber band snaps or if the game achieves take off. I think it’s gonna fly,” reviewer Joab Gilroy said.

In addition to the ongoing development of Grounded, Obsidian has another team working on a new RPG for Xbox Series X called Avowed.

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