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Free Sea Of Thieves Update Adds New Roles And, Most Importantly, Three Different Cat Breeds

As part of the April Inside Xbox briefing, Microsoft announced the next free update for its swashbuckling adventure game Sea of Thieves, and it includes new job titles, cats, and more.

With the new Ships of Fortune update–due out on April 22 for Xbox One and PC–players can take on special roles and become Emissaries for the Gold Hoarders, Merchant Alliance, Order of Souls, or the Athena’s Fortune groups. Players can join one of the groups by visiting the Outposts and inspecting the table for the faction they want to join.

Once you’ve joined a group, there are five ranks, or “grades,” to achieve. The higher grade you achieve, the bigger rewards you can receive. At the same time, other players will see your Emissary status and might choose to attack to try to steal your loot. Microsoft also announced that you’ll be able to personalize your character and your ship with cosmetic items reflecting your group.

Additionally, the Ships of Fortune update introduces a “mysterious” company called The Reaper’s Bones. This new “glory-hungry” faction is after your loot, and Microsoft says they’ll send their own emissaries out to attack you. You can also choose to join The Reaper’s Bones to become a less-than-honorable pirate on the high seas.

Outside of the changes to the main Sea of Thieves game, the multiplayer Arena mode is being updated to become more competitive. “Old treasure maps have been replaced by a single chest marked by a Sea Dog Beacon, with just one cash-in location to ensure a furious battle for victory,” Microsoft said.

Additionally, the total match time is being reduced to 15 minutes, which should help pick up the pace of play. What’s more, players who are downed now have a “brief window” during which their teammates can revive them.

Finally, and most importantly, the new Sea of Thieves update is adding cats as a new pat, following on from parrots and monkeys that were added earlier. The Pirate Emporium store is now stocked with three different breeds of cat: Wildcat, Ragamuffin, and Mau. You can choose the color of your cat and you can dress it up with special clothing. The Emporium has also added a Night Wulf Ship Collection and “crabby” new emotes to buy.

The Ships of Fortune update arrives for Sea of Thieves on April 22 for Xbox One and PC.

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