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Fortnite Sharky Shell Location Guide: How To Find Sharky Shell (Week 9)

Fortnite’s Week 9 challenges are coming later this week. One will send you to an unnamed location that’s been forgotten for most of the season amid all the Marvel madness. The challenge is to land at Sharky Shell and get into the Top 25. This guide will show you how to find Sharky Shell and give you a good chance at making it to the top 25.

This challenge leaked early; check back later this week to see this challenge live in Fortnite.

Where Is Sharky Shell?

Sharky Shell is located in the top left corner of the map in the B1 tile. It’s a medium-sized island with a giant shark-shaped stone jutting out of it. There are ruins of a secret base inside with a good amount of loot, a couple of speed boats, and even a green XP coin in the elevator. Here’s an image with the exact Sharky Shell location:

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You should land there, head to the secret dock that’s inside the shark’s head, grab a boat, and speed out of there. Don’t worry about loot if you want to finish in the top 25–you can loot at a nearby location. This will be a crazy landing spot when the challenges drop on Thursday.

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What Do I Get For Finishing Top 25 After Landing At Sharky Shell?

You’ll earn 25,000 experience points after landing at Sharky Shell and finishing in the top 25. Be sure to check out some of the other methods to earn experience to help you conquer Season 4’s extra-long grind.

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