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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide: Secret Medicine Locations

Before you reach the last act of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you’ll find a load of side-quests to complete in Chapter 14. Unlike earlier quests, these ones are a little tougher to figure out, with the people you need to talk to and the locations you need to visit being a lot less obvious than they have been in the past. For the “Secret Medicine” side-quest, you actually need to access a second quest to find everything you need.

We’ve run down where to find all three ingredients for the “Secret Medicine” quest, so you can complete it quickly and efficiently to get one of the better quest rewards in the game. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Secret Medicine Side-Quest Guide

Talk to the doctor across from the community center, who will send you to find herbs to make medicine. You need three items, but the first is easy: drop by the Moogle Emporium in the Kids’ Hideout to purchase the Moogle Mortar key item.

Your second ingredient is located in the church where Cloud and Aerith first met. Head to the train station north and west of the Sector 5 Central District, then follow the path north to the church. Grab the Medicinal Flower key item growing there on the ground.

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Finally, head to Evergreen Park and talk to Wymer to get the Subterranean Menace quest, which will take you to the underground lab. There, you’ll have to fight the Behemoth Type 0 miniboss.

Type 0 Behemoth Boss Fight

Crawl down through the underground passage in Evergreen Park to reach the lab. You’ll need to fight your way through it to get to the Behemoth Type 0 boss at the far end. There are some tough fights in here, including a Wrath Hound like the one you dealt with in a sidequest back in Episode 3, but nothing you haven’t faced before.

The Behemoth is a different question. This giant monster is powerful, dangerous, and quick. Make sure you’re fully healed before you slip through the door marked with the Shinra caution tape to fight it. First and foremost, try to stay away from the beast’s head; it’ll swipe at you with its claws, slam the ground to stagger your characters, and thrash them with its horns for big damage. You also generally want to try to keep away from it after you get in close for melee hits, as the Behemoth will occasionally spin in circles to slam everybody who’s nearby.

Your goal in bringing down the Behemoth is to cripple first one half of its body, then the other. A good way to do this is to take over control of Barret, so you can focus fire on either its Upper Body or Lower Body with a variety of attacks, while staying out of harm’s way. Anything you throw at the Behemoth will work, although unless you put a lot of punishment on the Behemoth’s horns, avoid spells–magic will trigger counterattacks until the horns are destroyed.

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It’s going to take a lot of damage to cripple one of its body parts, but when you do manage it, quickly focus up on the other body part and lay down as much damage as you can, as quick as you can. Be careful, because the Behemoth will still be capable of attacking you, even if it can’t get away from you. If you can cripple both sides, you can stagger it for some massive damage.

Repeat the process until the job is done; it’ll take a while, but if you keep on top of healing spells, you should be okay. Use your best attacks but execute either with range or hit-and-run tactics to minimize the damage you take.

Defeat it and return to the doctor to get Teluric Scriptures Vol. III as a reward, which will give you some skill points for Aerith.

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