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Call of Duty: Warzone Gameplay Leak Confirms Many Details

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is expected to get its own battle royale mode, called Warzone, after numerous leaks have pointed towards its existence. A new gameplay video for the mode, shared accidentally and since pulled, has confirmed many already leaked details. [Update: It now appears even more likely that Warzone’s launch is imminent, as the Classified menu option in Modern Warfare has been replaced with a countdown ending on Tuesday morning.]

First and foremost, Warzone seems to be an entirely standalone product from Modern Warfare and will be free-to-play without requiring a purchase. YouTuber Chaos, who leaked the gameplay footage earlier today, mentions that Warzone will be a separate download from Modern Warfare when it launches this month.

The other big detail is that of the Gulag–Warzone’s take on reviving. When you die in Warzone you’ll be transported to the gulag and forced to fight one-on-one with another player for your chance to get back into the action. Other players in the gulag will be able to watch the fight as they wait their turn, while also being able to throw rocks and interfere.

Players will also be able to purchase revives for teammates around specific parts of the map, as well as powerful killstreaks to give you the upper hand (similar to vending machines in Call of Duty’s various zombie modes). Warzone will apparently also support 150 players, which is lower than the previously leaked 200 count. It will support cross-play in the same why that Modern Warfare does, letting players from PS4, Xbox One, and PC play together.

Warzone’s release seems imminent now given that gameplay is now available and seemingly waiting for an embargo to drop. We’ll keep you update as to when you can play.

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