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Blaseball Is Back For Season 4

The very popular and very weird Internet curio Blaseball has returned today, after a two-week hiatus. The online baseball league simulator took a short break after its third season to shore up its online infrastructure after its popularity led to downtimes, but now it’s back with Season 4.

One fan (notably retweeted from the official Blaseball Comissioner account) expressed appreciation for some of the key changes, including easier player rating viewing, mouse-over details, and more detailed skill ratings that include equipment.

You can sign up through the Blaseball site, where you’ll be prompted to pick a favorite team. The teams aren’t affiliated with actual Major League Baseball, and instead have names like the San Francisco Lovers, Baltimore Crabs, and Canada Moist Talkers. The virtual players are equally off-kilter, with names like Math Velazquez (Houston Spies) and PolkaDot Patterson (Moist Talkers).

The in-game action is delivered through simulations, with text updates to let you know what’s going on at any given time. Once you’ve picked a team, you’ll gain coins for wins and then use those to bet on matches or buy votes. Those votes can then be used to change the rules of Blaseball itself.

It’s a strange online fascination, but in the year 2020, can we really say it’s any stranger than the current state of real baseball?


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