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Bethesda Boss Todd Howard Has A 1000G Xbox Achievement No One Else Can Unlock

The pop of an Xbox achievement unlocking can be a sweet sound, one that indicates that you’ve done something worth celebrating, and that your Gamerscore has changed to reflect it. But for Todd Howard, director and executive producer at Bethesda Game Studios, there’s one Xbox achievement that’s particularly special–because he’s the only person in the world who will ever have it.

Following the news that Microsoft has acquired Bethesda for $7.5 billion, Howard spoke about his history with Xbox in a post to Bethesda’s website. In the post, he shares an anecdote about a bespoke achievement created just for him, which exists only on his account.

“When I received the Lifetime Achievement Award at GDC, I joked in my acceptance ‘I wonder how many achievement points this one is worth?’ At the end of the ceremony, some good friends from Microsoft congratulated me and said they’d find out,” Howard recalls.

“A few months later I was given a code to a game they had created, named after me and locked to my account,” he continues. “When ran, it unlocks a single achievement – ‘Lifetime – 1000pts.’ It still sits in my list when I check, and I smile every time.”

Now, Howard has another massive Xbox milestone to celebrate–they paid more for Bethesda than they’ve paid for any other studio acquisition.

Howard also talked about Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI, and how they’ll introduce an enormous engine overhaul.

Xbox Series X and S launch on November 10, and your Gamerscore will carry over to these new systems.

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