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A Brand-New Store Is Coming To Xbox

A brand-new version of the Microsoft Store is heading to Xbox ahead of the Xbox Series X launch, and if you’re an Xbox Insider, you could be seeing it as soon as August 5. According to Xbox Principal Program Manager Cody Bird, this isn’t just a standard app update; the store is being entirely rebuilt to focus on faster speeds, ease of use, and better safety functions.

A look at the new Xbox store.
A look at the new Xbox store.
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The post claims that this new store will be two times faster than the current one, and will launch in two seconds. Load times for game pages and trailers are also supposed to be vastly improved. Speaking of improvements, it seems the new Microsoft Store will have a big focus on making its interface as easy and accessible to navigate as possible, with a fully redesigned navigation system that will allow customers to look at potential purchases broadly or dive deeper into them with ease. There’s also a completely rebuilt wishlist, updated cart, and curation of different generations of Xbox games, so customers can easily check on what they’ve wishlisted, what’s in their cart, and sort through backwards compatible games more efficiently.

Safety is always an issue when it comes to online spaces, and it looks like Microsoft is taking that seriously with this update. As a form of child lock, all users must now be signed into their Xbox account before browsing the store, so any parental settings on an account are in place while browsing. Additionally, content in searches and while browsing will adhere to the content settings of child accounts, so anything beyond the approved content rating won’t appear in a child’s search or browsing experience. These settings apply even if multiple users are signed in, so no sneaking through an older person’s account either! But it’s not all restrictions. The update also allows for parents/guardians to make exceptions for certain media they deem appropriate. Finally, ratings will be more apparent than ever, with every trailer now starting with its rating, and the rating resurfacing multiple times throughout the purchase process.

Xbox Insiders will get a first look at the new Microsoft Store, but it is rolling out at a staggered rate, so not everyone will see it on Wednesday. All users will be getting the rebuilt store sometime this fall, though no official date has been given yet.


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