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Oculus Is Killing Off Rift In Favor Of Standalone VR Headsets Like Quest 2

At the Facebook Connect presentation today, the company officially announced the Oculus Quest 2, the next-generation standalone headset coming October 13. This will also signal a new approach for Oculus going forward, as the company says it will be shifting its focus exclusively to standalone headsets.

A note on the Oculus Blog says that the company will no longer pursue PC-only hardware, but the Rift platform will continue with Oculus Link:

“We’re going to focus on standalone VR headsets moving forward. We’ll no longer pursue PC-only hardware, with sales of Rift S ending in 2021. That said, the Rift Platform isn’t going anywhere. In fact, we’ve seen significant growth in PC VR via Oculus Link, and the Rift Platform will continue to grow while offering high-end PC VR experiences like Lone Echo 2 and Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond well into the future.”

Oculus Quest 2 is 10% lighter than the original Quest, and will include the headset and two Touch controllers, which have been redesigned for ergonomics based on the Rift controller designs. The headset will include positional audio without the use of headphones as well.

As part of the presentation, Oculus also announced new Ubisoft games in development, including a new Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell designed for Oculus. In GameSpot’s Oculus Quest 2 review, editor Mat Paget found the new device is “an excellent VR headset that is well worth your time and money, especially if you don’t already own the original headset.” For more details, check out our Oculus Quest 2 preorder guide.

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