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Veterinarian is helping our pets & Share Inspiring Tales of Overcoming Career Challenges, True Stories

Being a veterinarian definitely comes with unique challenges. But after interviewing vets from all over the country, we were surprised to discover that this noble calling can be lined with even more obstacles than we thought. What didn’t surprise us is the fact that none of these amazing vets let anything stand in the way of their dreams.

“The dimmest moment in my career came the day I realized I was disenchanted with veterinary medicine. I had wanted to be a vet literally my whole life, but 10 years into my career, I started wondering, ‘Am I making an impact on my field or my patients’ lives?’”

So recalled Dr. Lisa Aumiller about reaching a turning point in her career. She was working as a veterinarian in a clinic that was becoming more and more corporatized, requiring her to work days that began before sunrise to long after sunset, adhering to policies that weren’t always in the best interest of her patients.

“Then something wonderful happened—I got fired! I was dismissed for telling my superior, ‘You aren’t my boss. The client is my boss, and if they aren’t happy, none of us gets paid.’”

“Getting fired ignited a passion. No one fires me! I set out to show them who they let go and I instantly realized that my lack of passion was not the field, but my being restricted from practicing medicine the way I knew was best. Within one month, I saw my first patient as a mobile veterinarian.”


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