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All are family members

Pint-sized pups with small children? You may have been told that’s not the best idea—that little dogs can be feisty and snappy. But, there are plenty of smaller breeds that really do make wonderful additions to the family.

Boasting patient, mellow, and super-sweet personalities, these small breeds are our top, tiny picks for families with kids.

This friendly, curious breed is known for a gentle and even temper that pairs well with children. Though they’ll want to spend all of their time with the family at home, don’t bank on them as a security system – they’re a little too friendly to make competent guard dogs.

Want some help herding the kids in for dinner? Corgis are happy to oblige considering they love nothing more than following their loved ones around. Affectionate, sweet, and wicked smart, these canines are programmed to please, so begin training them early on.


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